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Revolutionizing the Hiring Process: How IntiSolutions is Solving Resourcing Problems for Hiring Managers.

Updated: Apr 30

Hiring great resources is always a challenge. There are so many questions that need to be answered, and an unsuitable hire can result in long term issues that reduce productivity and waste mental and emotional energy. IntiSolutions has reviewed thousands of resume's and can help you make an informed hire with confidence. The following are just a few of the attributes that affect a candidate's suitability to your team:

  • Technical skills - have they recent experience in the position you are hiring for? (Can they describe the deliverables they are supposed to deliver?)

  • Is their compensation expectation in line with your budget?

  • Are they a team player? (Every resume says so - but you need to check!)

  • Are there any planned vacations, leaves or situations that will affect their availability?

  • Do their references wholeheartedly endorse the candidate's performance in a similar process? (Do you know what questions to ask a reference?)

IntiSolutions takes care of these and other issues during the candidate selection process, so you only review resumes that meet your requirements.

Our experience and fine tuned processes qualify candidates quickly and effectively. IntiSolutions provides 3 and only 3 quality resumes for each position we search for. They may be senior, intermediate and junior candidates. We may provide 3 candidates that meet your requirements but have slightly different areas of expertise.

When you are hiring for Information Technology and Engineering contractors or employees, IntiSolutions is here to help

Click here to reach us through our contact page for a consultation, and start streamlining your hiring process today.


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