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About The IntiSolutions Group

The IntiSolutions Mission Statement:
To bring the best value to our Contractors and Clients by delivering solutions where “Everyone Wins”.

What We Do:
Since 2005, The IntiSolutions Group has been providing high performing consultants to some of the most successful companies in Canada; using a transparent, high value consulting business model that only we provide.

Our Clients:
The most successful companies in Canada, and are world leaders in servicing clients in the following business sectors:


  • Natural gas transmission

  • Telcos

  • Oil sands projects

  • Agriculture

  • Medical clinic support

  • Small business development

Our Associates:
Our associates are independent contractors that has a successful track record in the workplace. Every candidate is carefully qualified.

We interview them one on one, review their skill set, and check references so you know that any resume that you receive from IntiSolutions is “clean”.

Roles We Fill:

Information Technology:

• Project Managers
• Business Analysts
• Architects
• Application Developers
• Web Content Developers
• IT Support Roles


The IntiSolutions Group has offices in Calgary and Edmonton,  To learn more, please Contact Us.


• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Measurement
• Project Support
• Document Control

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