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Becoming Incorporated in Alberta

How to Become Incorporated in Alberta

Get a Numbered Company:
We recommend:
Namequest Corporate Services
Suite 310, 1212 31 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7S8

Phone them at: (403) 232-1100

  • Call the main number at Namequest and ask to speak to someone about becoming incorporated.

  • You can register a numbered company (cheaper and quicker), or a named company.

  • Tell them your year end is December 31.

  • You will want them to create a minute book for you which they can be couriered to you or picked up at their office.

  • Namequest will give you some options on the share structure that should be used. The shares have no cost associated with them.

  • If you are joining the IntiSolutions Group, IntiSolutions can pay the Incorporation fee for you and deduct the cost from your first invoice.

  • Congratulations, you are now a business owner!

Call the CRA to get a GST Number:

Get a Corporate Banking Account:

  • Take your certificate of Incorporation or your complete minute book to the bank of your choice. (The IntiSolutions Group uses TD Canada Trust - and if you use them while working with us, it can streamline payment, reduce holds on deposits, etc.)

Get a WCB Account:

  • Go to the WCB site for Employers and set up a Personal WCB Account for Business Owners.

  • Premiums are inexpensive and provide some coverage in case of injury or lawsuit.

  • If you are joining IntiSolutions Group:

  • Get a WCB clearance letter and fax it to Administrator at the IntiSolutions Group at 1-877-316-INTI (4684).

  • Please note: IntiSolutions Contractors: We are aware that this coverage is not required by Alberta Labor Law, but it is required by the clients that we work for as part of our contractual obligation to them.

  • IntiSolutions cannot pay for WCB coverage for another incorporated company.

  • For Contractors joining IntiSolutions Group:

  • Go to The IntiSolutions Group website, complete the quick and easy on boarding form at

  • Be sure to fax a copy of the Direct Deposit form found on this page to start direct deposit.

  • We can recommend an excellent, inexpensive accountant to manage your books if needed.

Some Common Expenses you can claim:

  • Meals

  • Office Space

  • If your residence is your corporate address, in some cases you can charge mileage @$0.53 per KM (using days worked from your timesheet).

  • Computer equipment and software.

  • Office Equipment (desks, stationery, staplers etc).

  • Courses/certifications.

Details can be found at the Canada Revenue Website.

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