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Client Benefits to working with The IntiSolutions Group

Since 2005, The IntiSolutions Group been helping companies like yours find and retain great contract Associates.

Providing Quality Associates:

We find top quality resources through our proven screening model:

  • Evaluation of technical skills.

  • Face to face interviews.

  • In-depth Reference checks.

  • Referrals from successful IntiSolutions Contractors.

Superior Value:

With our "Straight Through" business model we find you top talent. Your investment is maximized because The IntiSolutions Group's compensation model is fixed and finite.

A Straight Forward Business Relationship:

The IntiSolutions Group has no motivation to influence our Associate’s rates up or down due to our flat rate business model. Contract negotiations are simple and straightforward with complete transparency for all parties.

Lower Retraining Costs:
Our Associates are less likely to leave a contract for minor financial gain due to the great value provided by the straight through business model. Our contractors can better focus on your work at hand because we support them in their efforts to manage their business and further their career.

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