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IntiSolutions: Providing benefits to Flow-Through Contractors, Team Leads and Hiring Managers

Calling all team leads and hiring managers that hire contractors!!

What if you could reduce the amount of your resourcing spend, while paying your contractors a higher rate?

The IntiSolutions flat rate management fee method allows you to do that and much more!

With IntiSolutions on your vendor list, the benefits of reduced labour costs and improved key resource retention can be your new reality.


Flow-Through Contracting is when a client sources a resource, and engages a third party like IntiSolutions to manage contractor invoicing, contract renewals, and compliance.

  • The contractor has an agreement with IntiSolutions.

  • IntiSolutions has an agreement with the hiring company.

The value of IntiSolutions flow-through consulting model:

  • Reduced costs:

    • The flat rate model is finite, and less than a "by the hour" fee

  • No Candidate search required:

    • Hiring managers hire known resources from their own network

  • There's less obligation to IntiSolutions:

    • You can choose who is available

    • Bring them on when needed

    • There's no "non-compete" obligations or restrictions

    • You set your own rates for a contractor

    • Off-boarding terms are simple and no hassle

Smiling contractor

The IntiSolutions Flow-Through Flat Rate Advantage:

  • Fee Equity:

    • The management fee is the same for everyone regardless of their hourly rate

  • Reduced costs:

    • Overtime hours have no fee attached to them

  • Delivered Value:

    • More of the dollar investment goes to the contractor - they get more of your spend.

  • Proper Classification as a Contractor:

    • Our services contract, method of payment and billing process clearly defines the resource as a contractor

  • IntiSolutions Fees don't go up in smoke

    • Fees to the Contractor are 100% tax deductible

    • Contractors reclaim some of the fee that they are paying

    • Another factor that classifies the worker as a contractor - not an employee

Engage IntiSolutions:

With IntiSolutions on your vendors list, you can leverage these advantages to easily hire and retain key resources.

See how IntiSolutions can help you select and retain your key resources with our consulting model.


The author:

Blair Shunk

Co-Founder, IntiSolutions


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