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All Flow Through Contracting is the same. Hold up there partner!!

Updated: May 1

Flow-through consulting is as easy as 1-2-3, right?

  1. Find a contractor through your own network.

  2. Find an agency to process their invoices.

  3. Pay the contractor.

Won & Done!!

You're hired!!


Not so fast partner!

Let's break it down a bit, because we tend to take some things for granted.

Consider these attributes of a great flow-through contracting provider:

  • Competitive pricing

  • Pays contractors on time

  • Understands your invoicing system and approvals routing

  • Responsive to inquiries via email or phone

  • Meets all of your vendor requirements

  • Has a Corporate Policy on Integrity, Ethical Decision- Making, and Anti-Bribery and Corruption

  • Has liability insurance coverage from a reputable firm

  • Provide timely invoice and timesheet processing

  • Uses automated processes for invoicing and timesheets

  • Has a Corporate Code of Conduct

  • Easy onboarding, renewals, change orders, & terminations

  • Has a method to submit a trouble ticket

  • Ensures that your contractor is not deemed as an employee

  • Has a Human Rights Policy


IntiSolutions has all this and more!

Clients want to retain highly valued resources, and to avoid any risk of a contractor being deemed as an employee. Check - IntiSolutions has a transparent fee structure, and we have been tested on the definition of a contractor - passed every time.

Contractors want the best value for their money. Check - our fees are a flat rate per month and 100% tax deductible by the contractor, so your investment isn't being diminished by agency fees.

Everyone wants a hassle free flow-through service provider. Check - We've been doing this since 2005 without a single client or contractor dispute. 

Ethical practices are the norm. Inti Solutions has Corporate Policies on Human Rights, and a Code of Conduct. Additionally, Inti Solutions a policy to define behaviours of Integrity, Ethical Decision-Making, and Anti-Bribery and Corruption. Check - this ensures that Inti Solutions has standards to ensure that our clients and contractors receive fair and equitable treatment. 


Clients, we can't offer any of these flow through contracting benefits if we aren't on your approved vendors list. Would you be able to refer us to someone that manages the vendors list?  (Even if this business is tied up with another vendor, it might be good to offer the IntiSolutions alternative for the next RFP.) 


Contact us to learn more about the IntiSolutions advantage today!

Blair Shunk
Blair Shunk Co-Owner, IntiSolutions


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