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Flow Through Contracting - a low risk way to find quality resources

Updated: Apr 30

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Finding and keeping contract resources can be a recurring challenge, especially in this day and age where the bottom line is under intense scrutiny. Flow through contracting can help reduce your contracting spend while delivering quality resources.

What is flow through contracting?

Flow through contracting is when you use your network to find your own resources and bring them into your company, as an alternative to hiring a recruiter.

Why is flow though consulting an effective strategy?

With flow through contracting, you are hiring someone you know and trust, or the person is a trusted colleague from one of your contacts. Qualifying them is easier, their references are known, and most of the time your team is happy to work with them, because they've worked with them before.

Flow through contracting is inexpensive

Agency costs of searching, short listing, interviewing and negotiating rates have to be covered in when a resource is placed. Flow through contracting can avoid some of these costs, resulting in a lower spend for the same quality resource.

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It's a lot to manage, especially when you have a full time job to take care of at the same time.

Flow through terms and conditions are flexible

There are fewer restrictions to flow through contracting. With IntiSolutions there aren't any restrictive non-compete clauses. Reassignments and role changes are hassle free.

Want to get your company started on a flow-through contracting program?

Reach out to us using our contact form, or contact the author, Blair Shunk


Blair Shunk

Blair Shunk


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