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How IntiSolutions saves you money with innovative flow-through contracting solutions

Updated: Apr 30

What are flow-though solutions you may ask?

Flow through services in Alberta are essentially 3rd party invoicing companies. They provide the client and the contractor seamless processes to make billing and payments easy.

Clients and contractor love IntiSolutions flow-through solutions for many reasons.

Read on to see how IntiSolutions can work for you!

working in a team

Saving money for everyone!

IntiSolutions saves everyone money with innovative flow-through solutions. Where else does the contractor get 100% of the client spend? This makes contracting even more attractive for the consulting professional

IntiSolutions Contractors are covered!

Our Contractors are covered by IntiSolutions free comprehensive liability insurance provided by Lloyd's of London.

IntiSolutions makes contracting easy!

IntiSolutions has an automated time recording and invoice process that works with all the major Accounts Receivable applications. Invoices get approved, and contractors get paid via secure direct deposit on time.


Been there and done that, and have the processes since 2005!

IntiSolutions has been providing flow-through services since 2005. We have respectful, easy to follow processes for onboarding, renewals, change of status, and terminations.

Need advice and referrals?

Consulting can be intimidating. IntiSolutions works with seasoned professionals, and also helps the first time contractor get started with coaching and corporate services. We know corporate lawyers and accountants to help you succeed at in your contracting business.

We are connected

in a crowd

We have over 3900 people in our contacts database. If we don't know you directly, we know someone who does.


Make IntiSolutions YOUR flow through provider today!

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