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Job Search Tips for 2024

Job seeker

Job Search Tips

Maybe you are looking for work, and it's getting tiresome. Your online applications are going nowhere, and you need to figure out what to do next?

This blog is intended to give you some action items to supercharge your job search.

Here are some job search tips for 2024. You can do it!!

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Believe it or not - You have a job already!

You might not be working, but you now have a new job! Finding gainful employment. It’s important to show up to life enthused about your new job! Make getting a job your new full time job – get up, get showered, get dressed, read your email, and be out of the house by 10:00 AM for your coffee meetings.

Write 3 resumes

Decide what 3 jobs you were most successful at, and that match your skillset. Write a resume for each one.

Define your ideal employer

Write a bullet point description describing your ideal employer. Here are some sample attributes:

  • Business sector

  • Location

  • Rating on Google or Indeed

  • Working arrangement - on prem, remote, hybrid

  • Contacts you have working there

  • Reputation

  • Size

Apply online:

Use Indeed and add a cover letter for each application

Set up alerts for your 3 resumes

Call people that you know at the hiring company and let them know that you have applied.

Leverage your family, friends and past colleagues

Because many jobs don't hit the job boards, reach out to everyone in your contacts.

team hands

Everyone you know, knows at least 12 other people. Of those people, someone can probably help you find work. Therefore, reach out to everyone, friends, family, school mates, previous employers for an introduction.

(The goal of the coffee meeting is to get a tip on any job openings, and get an introduction to someone that may be hiring.)

Set some Job Search goals

Set up some measurable goals regarding your job search, such as:

  • Sending out your resume to 10 new people a week

  • Have 5 coffee meetings a week

  • Connect to 5 people on LinkedIn every day

  • Follow up on every resume I send out with a phone call within 2 business days

Manage your stress level

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Cut your loved ones lots of slack, they love you and want you to succeed – and you need their love and support.

Don’t watch the news or any CSI shows or the rest of the manufactured negativity on TV or social media. DO watch comedies and autobiographies of successful people.

Exercise 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes, this can be as simple as going for a walk, or finding a workout online.

Look your best

Go to every coffee meeting dressed in your favourite freshly cleaned and ironed work outfit. Maybe even buy a new outfit that helps you walk with pride!

job interview

Would you recommend someone dressed in stained, wrinkled, musty smelling clothes? Don't be that person if you can help it!

Ensure that your personal hygiene is tops 

Show up at every meeting looking your best!

  • Freshly showered

  • Hair cut (not sticking up because you just got out of bed)

  • Teeth brushed

  • Chew some gum on the way, and throw it out before your meeting.

  • Check yourself in a mirror before you meet if you can - everything in order? Good to go!!

  • Scents - if at all, applied lightly, some people are allergic to perfumes

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IntiSolutions has been placing contractors and employees since 2005. We have the skills to connect hiring managers and candidates that match up. Our unique business model has complete rate transparency and allows contractors to claim our fees as a business expense.

The Authour

This was written (without the help of AI) by

Blair Shunk - Co-founder of the IntiSolutions Group

Blair Shunk


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