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Save time with Flow Through Consulting

Time is valuable, so why get caught in the traditional recruiting cycle when you may have your perfect hire in your contacts?

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When every moment counts, you may be able to save time with a flow through consulting strategy. This may be more efficient than sending a job description to agencies and hoping that it sticks.

Here are a few suggestions that could help you stay ahead of the game and allow you to save time with flow through consulting strategies. (Too long - won't read? No problem. Download our checklist here and get started.)

Here's how to save time with a Flow Through Consulting Strategy

  1. Have a team meeting to talk about the job description and who in your contacts may be a good fit.

    1. Checkpoint - if no one comes to mind - perhaps it's time to go to the job boards

  2. Whether it's a DIY approach or outsourced, you must have a detailed job description. Save time by writing one with the help of your favorite AI content generator. (We are loving Google Gemini at present) Be sure to include:

    1. A job title

    2. Mandatory skills

    3. Optional/"Nice to have" skills

    4. Start date

    5. End date (or initial contract term)

    6. Working environment: remote/on prem/hybrid

    7. Work Location

    8. Hours of work

    9. Travel requirements

    10. Contact information for questions

    11. Calendar link to book a phone call

    12. Links to your website

  3. Create an engaging email to send to your potential candidates. Include the deal breakers in the email.

  4. Contact your past colleagues about this position and put the word out in team meetings, on your intranet and your colleagues.

  5. Don't skip these important steps:

    1. Ask for a resume'.

    2. Do some reference checks.

    3. Have a team interview.

you are hired

Maybe this seems like a lot, but this way your are in control of the process, and you can save time with flow through consulting services.


Let us help:

For a discussion on this topic and hiring strategies in general, reach out on via our contact page.


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