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Crafting Job Descriptions That Attract Top Talent

Wouldn't you know it? Bill has found a new job!!

Bob iis leaving
"Sorry boss, I gotta go!"

"Bill did so much, how do I write a job description when I've got a team to run? The heck with it, I'll get the recruiters to do it!"

"Mr./Ms. Recruiter? You know Bill Smith right? Well he just quit. I need you to find me another Bill as soon as possible. Thanks, talk soon!

Tip #1 - Don't rely on someone else to Craft Job descriptions for you without your input.

It's tempting to just pass it off, but crafting a job description that doesn't meet your needs creates a cascading set of problems that is going to impact your work life. An inaccurate job description attracts the wrong candidates, and their resumes require screening, shortlisting, reference checks, interviewing, - and you may end up hiring the wrong person for the job.

Tip # 2 - AI is your friend!

Go to your favourite AI tool and ask it to write the boilerplate job description for you:

"Write a job description for a Senior Active Directory Specialist with at least 10 years of experience. They must live in Calgary as this is a hybrid position, and they must visit the office once a week. They must have experience with Quest and NetSuite PSA"

Senior Active Directory Specialist

Job Description:

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Senior Active Directory Specialist to join our team in Calgary. This hybrid position will require in-office presence once a week and primarily focuses on maintaining and administering our Active Directory environment. The successful candidate will have a minimum of 10 years of experience in an IT role specializing in Active Directory, with significant knowledge of Quest and NetSuite PSA.


1. Administer and maintain the company's Active Directory environment.

2. Manage Quest and NetSuite PSA systems.

3. Troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve complex directory-related issues.

4. Implement security measures, monitor system performance, and ensure reliability and accessibility of the Active Directory.

5. Collaborate with other IT personnel on network optimization.

6. Train users on how to use Active Directory, Quest, and NetSuite PSA.


1. Minimum 10 years of experience in an IT role with specialization in Active Directory.

2. Proven experience with Quest and NetSuite PSA.

3. Strong understanding of network protocols, server hardware, and setup.

4. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

5. Strong communication skills to explain complex processes to non-technical staff members.

6. Must reside in or near Calgary due to the hybrid nature of this position; required to work from the office once a week.

7. A degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar field is preferred but not mandatory if relevant experience is demonstrated.

Tip #3 - Add the details of the job

Add other unique attributes of the job. Team structure, projects that are scheduled, or perhaps any new technology that you are deploying. This helps to attract candidates that are excited about their vocation and would LOVE a job like you are describing.

Jane is a great candidate
You need someone like me? Awesome!"

"A job description is a powerful strategic tool to attract the best talent. It communicates the responsibilities and desired skills crucially, making it a primary requisite for effective hiring.” - Sudhanshu Ahuja, CEO, Impress.AI

Wrapping it up:

"Find another Bob isn't such a bad request since we have AI to help.

If a hiring manager asks me to "Hire another Bob" I don't sweat it anymore. I use Word Hero to generate the basics. I add any knowledge that I have about the client. Then I ask the client to review and give a nod to the job posting before I post it on Indeed. Done like dinner!

Still need help?

Contact the team at IntiSolutions. We are glad to help write that job posting, find and qualify great candidates, and let you focus on the work you were hired to do.


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