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Benefits of the IntiSolutions "Straight-Through" Contracting Model

Maximum Value per Placement

  • More of the Client's investment goes to the Contractor.

Improved Contractor Retention

  • Contractors don't leave because of exorbitant margins.

  • Reduced expenses on hiring and re-training.

Increased Competitive Advantage

  • Attract the most talented resources.

Complete Transparency For All Parties

  • You know what you are paying for.

  • IntiSolutions has no stake in the rates.

Simpler Rate Negotiations and Renewal Process

  • One less invested party in the process.

Reduced Costs on Critical Projects

  • Overtime is unburdened.

What Does this Mean to You?

1.  Demonstrated Savings of 10% - 30% On Every Position We Fill

2.  No Margin Added to Associate's Rates

3.  Associates Invest in a Reasonable FIXED Monthly Management Fee

4.  There's no hourly commission.

5.  There's more financial investment in those doing the work.

How does the IntiSolutions Group provide all of these great benefits?


Learn about

The IntiSolutions Management Fee.

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