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The IntiSolutions is proud to be a re-seller of Xillio software.


" Xillio is a leading software provider of content solutions. With more than ten years of experience and research & development in analyzing, classifying, enriching, migrating and controlling content, we can say that we know content.

This knowledge and experience is part of our innovative standardized software solutions, used by our clients to solve their content challenges. Our solutions are able to reduce content in a defensible way, get your organization in control of its sensitivity and migrate enriched content to your ECM environments such as SharePoint.

With this, our clients have achieved large costs savings, increased employee productivity and were able to get in full control of their migrations.
"  -

Xillio is based in the Netherlands, United States and Canada. Please contact Blair Shunk to learn more about Xillio solutions in Western Canada.

Click below to learn more about Xillio's solutions.

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