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Job Search Tips for 2024

According to the Alberta Government's Occupational Outlook, there is a continuing shortage of computer programmers and information systems analysts in Alberta. This shortage is expected to last for the next ten years. While this is good news for us in the Information Technology sector, we still need to be on top of our game in our job search strategy.

In this series of blogs, we discuss various strategies to help put you on the list of top candidates. Let's get started with the basics.

This can be a difficult time

Living through a period of unemployment is not easy.

You might not be working, but you now have a new job. Your job title is "Self Recruiter" as are now fully employed to find gainful employment for yourself.

Please note: When you are reaching out , it’s important to show up to life enthused about your new job! Listen to uplifting music and watch exciting documentaries of success to help you stay positive

Networking 101:

Everyone you know, knows at least 12 other people. Of those people, someone can probably help you find work. Therefore, reach out to everyone, friends, family, school mates, previous employers and see if they have an opening for you or if they can introduce you to with someone for a coffee meeting.

Note: Handle introductions with respect and professionalism, since your friend has put their reputation on the line by recommending you.

Make the meeting count:

Small talk is great, but he goal of the coffee meeting is to get a tip on any job openings your contact knows of, or get an introduction to someone else that may be hiring. Be sure to ask your contact if you can mention their name when you reach out to any referrals they give you.

Show some love back:

Always send a thank you email, and mention the contacts that you were given, and what action you have taken with them, such as:

Dear Tony:

It was great to meet you yesterday and thanks for referring me to Jennifer and Jim at the Acme Company to learn more about their expansion project. I connected with them on LinkedIn (mentioning your name), and will follow up with a phone call to them this week.

Thanks again, your assistance is most appreciated.

Set some Job Search goals:

Set up some measurable goals regarding your job search, and make some commitments to yourself like these:

I Will:

  • Send out my resume to 10 new people a week

  • Have 5 coffee meetings a week

  • Connect to 5 people on LinkedIn every day

  • Follow up on every resume I send out with a phone call in 2 business days

Stay tuned for more job search tips as we do our best to deliver meaningful job search strategies to you.

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