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Are you tired of having your earnings reduced by your agency?

Updated: Sep 4

IntiSolutions differentiates itself by offering superior value to both their contractors and clients. They aim to connect people, jobs, and solutions in a way that benefits everyone involved. One of the key aspects of their business model is the use of a flat rate management fee instead of an hourly commission structure.

The flat rate management fee offers several advantages compared to an hourly commission structure.

Firstly, it provides transparency and clarity for both parties involved. Contractors know exactly what they will be paid for their work, allowing them to confidently plan their finances.

Clients also have predictability when it comes to managing costs for contracted resources.

Instead of the markup that the client is charged, you are charged a straight forward management fee that is tax deductible from your incorporated company! How awesome is that? Now you're smiling? Email us today at to set up a free consultation.

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