Job Search Tips

How To Ensure Your Application Comes Out On Top
When applying to roles through a job site, or directly to a hiring manager, you want to ensure that your resume comes out on top and is noticed. How do you do that? Follow some of these simple tips to help increase your chances of being noticed amongst the talent pool.


  • Choose easy to read fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Cambria.

  • Format your resume in black. If you wish to use color, use an easy-to-read, complimenting color like blue or dark grey as your headers. Do not use bright colors.

  • Make use of Microsoft Word resume templates or search the internet for an attractive template. 

  • Spelling and grammer - check it, and then check it again! If English is not your first language, reach out to someone who can assist you with proper grammatical choices, Use tools like "auto-correct" or "text language", as it is unprofessional to use short form in the business environment.

  • If you were a hiring manager, would you look twice at your resume? Is it easy to read, clear and concise?