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Here are some tips to help you in your job search.

Be Prepared.

  • Have a voice mail system in place.

  • Sign-up for a professional sounding email address and link it to your smart phone.

  • Consider getting a separate email account to use for your job search, so you can stay organized. It’s important to keep track of where you have applied and who you have applied to.

  • Keep a copy of your resume on your smart phone.

  • Keep as much contact information as possible, especially when using agencies. Put your cell phone number on your resume so you can follow up in a timely manner.

Be Extra Prepared.

  • Always have an up-to-date resume ready to send - even if you are not currently looking for work.

  • Keep a copy accessible in your smart phone - you never know who you will meet and when.

  • If you're not on LinkedIn yet, create a LinkedIn profile and start making connections with people who can help you in your job search.

  • Post your status as something reflecting your current search status.

Don't Wait.

  • If you are laid-off, file for unemployment benefits right away. You will most likely be able to file online or by phone.

Get Help.

  • Utilize free or inexpensive services that provide career counseling and job search assistance such as college career offices, staffing agencies, offices or your local public library. Many libraries provide workshops, programs, classes, computers and printers you can use, and other resources to help you with your job search.

  • Utilize your network. Ask around and see if anyone is hiring. Check out who you know on LinkedIn.


  • Contact us, you never know when we have time to help you create a more efficient or presentable resume.

  • Create Your Own Templates and have copies of your resume and cover letter ready to edit. That way you can change the content to match the requirements of the job you're applying for, but the contact information and your opening and closing paragraphs won't need to be changed. Microsoft Word users can download free templates for resumes, cover letters and email messages which can be personalized for your own correspondence. The internet is also a great place to find free resume templates and ideas. It's always a good idea to look at sample letters and resumes to get ideas for your own job search materials.

  • Make your resume searchable. Upload it to search engines such as Indeed, Monster, Workopolis and Simplyhired. It’s a free service and many hiring managers will search for qualified candidates.

Use Job Search Engines.

  • Use the job search engine sites to search the major job boards, company sites, associations, and other sites with job postings for you.

  • Take the time to read the full and complete job description. Print it for your files.

  • Let the jobs come to you! Use job alerts to sign up and receive job listings by email. All the major job sites have search agents and some websites and apps specializing in sending announcements. Indeed, Bullhorn reach, LinkedIn, Simplyhired, Eluta, Workopolis and Monster are examples of great sites to use.


  • Have a list of three references including name, job title, company, phone number and email address ready to give to interviewers.

  • Print a copy of your reference list and bring it with you to interviews.

  • Notify your references that they are going to be called to save time and speed up your offer!

Use Your Network.

  • Be cognizant of the fact that many, if not most, job openings are not advertised. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. Ask if they can help!

  • Set up coffee meetings with influential people.

Get Social.

  • The world as we know it is changing. Bring yourself up to speed and take advantage of the tools we have to promote yourself. Think of the time as an investment in your future, you are learning a new skill.

  • Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a good way to get job listings before they are listed elsewhere. Plus, you can promote your candidacy using the social media tools that are readily available for free. Job seekers and companies are increasingly using social media for recruiting. Contact us for help in setting up your social network.

  • Go to every coffee meeting dressed in your favorite freshly cleaned and ironed work outfit, maybe even a new outfit that helps you walk with pride! Would you refer someone dressed in stained, wrinkled, musty smelling clothes? Ensure that your personal hygiene is tops. Freshly showered (guys - shave that morning), hair cut, teeth brushed; chew some gum on the way, and throw it out a block before your meeting. Check yourself in a mirror before you meet if you can - everything in order? Good to go!

Create Measureable Goals.
Some examples of measureable goals:

  • "I will send out my resume to 10 new people a week."

  • "Have 5 new coffee meetings a week."

  • "Connect to 5 new people on LinkedIn a day."

  • "Follow up on my resume submissions."

Don't Stop.

  • Don’t get frustrated, get creative. Think outside the box, put yourself in front of people who can make hiring decisions. Be persistent.

  • Don't limit your job searching to the top sites like Monster or CareerBuilder. Check the smaller niche sites that focus on a particular geographic location or career field and you will find plenty of job listings.

  • Networking works, too. Tap into your network of contacts to see who might be able to help you with job leads or a referral.

  • Walk around downtown and hand out business cards to people you know and recognize.

Job Search Tips

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