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Working in Calgary since 2005

Run by Contractors,
for Contractors

Complete Rate Transparency

100% Tax Deducatable Business Model


Providing Services for Your Company

Direct Deposit

Liability Insurance

Office Services


Access to Opportunities





OPENESS:   Complete and total cost transparency for all parties.
MAXIMUM VALUE PER CONTRACT:   More of the revenue goes to you.
INCREASED STABILITY:   You don't have to leave your contract because of exorbitant agency margins.
INCREASED COMPETITVE ADVANTAGE:   The IntiSolutions business model attracts Clients that appreciate
our business model.


  •  Liability Insurance with Lloyd's of London.

  •  Direct Deposit to your bank account.

  •  Billing and Accounts Receivables Management.

  •  Referrals to trusted Accountants.

  •  Career Coaching

  •  Contract Negotiations

  •  Assistance with Incorporation and Company Set Up for new contractors.


Happy contractor
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